Birthday Recap

So, as you guys know, my birthday was last Tuesday! I turned the big 1 8. It was nothing like any of my birthdays but still very special. I was worried it would a bum having my first birthday without my parents but my friends/roomies made it one to remember.

On Tuesday morning I was walking out the door to go to class and a bunch of balloons fall on me and scare the crap out of me.  My roommate and one of my suite mates and some hall mates all got together and blew up balloons and saran wrapped the door. 

Then later in the day I get a text from some random number asking me what is the best time to deliver my campus cookie. At the time I had no idea who sent me campus cookies, then I put two and two together and discovered it was my parents! I was being sent 12 cookies, two brownies, milk, and a balloon with a card from my family because we couldn’t be together for my birthday!

That night I went to Sup Dogs with my boyfriend, his roommate, and his roommates girlfriend. It was really yummy and I ate a lot. PS the sauce was the bomb. Alex gave me a elephant pandora charm because I like elephants and his roomies girlfriend gave me some money which was a total surprise!

Then on Thursday I got an email saying that I had mail so I went to go pick it up and I had a letter from my sweet friend Jessica and the best friend scroll pandora charm from my bff Najah. They both attend UNC Charlotte.

Then on Friday, my parents, sister, grandparents, and aunt drove up to Greenville and we went to Hooters. I brought Alex and Destiny along. I had so much fun and pigged out on two orders of fried pickles. My mom had ordered me a Kendra Scott necklace which I knew about, but she also ordered me a Longchamp that I had no clue about and was completely shocked! Oh and my favorite gift was from my grandma which was an apple pie, thats right I asked my grandma for an apple pie for my birthday and nothing else. 

All in all I had a pretty amazing birthday week. I’m so thankful to have such wonderful people in my life.


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