Welcome to my Crib!

This is MTV Studios, and welcome to my crib! After being in college for three weeks my room is (relatively) ready for a show off. I decided to get it out the way partially because I wanted to enter  Seeking the South dorm contest. When my room was initially ready for showing I got lazy and didn’t take pictures and then it got messy and then I just prolonged it. So, here I am today ready to show you guys my room!

I go to East Carolina University in North Carolina. I live in Gateway which is the new dorms on campus! I am the first person to sleep in this bed, use the drawers, use the sink (besides my roomie) and let me tell you, it is a great feeling! On top of living in a new dorm, I’m also one of the few that live in a suite. How did I get so lucky? Well, as far as the suite goes I believe that is just luck. However, living in gateway is due to the fact that I am apart of the business living-learning community (llc.)

At first I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into, because the day after move in we had to go on this awful “retreat.” When I think of retreat I think of fun and relaxing, this was NOT. We biked, kayaked, and wall climbed (and other activities) for THREE hours each. Three hours of biking and three hours of kayaking… It sucked. I was sore and on top of that this NC humidity is no joke.

But anyways, are you ready to see my crib?

Let’s start with the bathroom

Everything you see was bought at Target! (not pictured is our cleaning supplies.. still untouched) We had to cut the shower curtain to fit our shower but it still gets the job done. However, it blows… I know that sounds weird but when we are in the shower it’s almost as if there was wind or something. It’s strange and kind of creepy. Even though I’m in a new dorm there are still a few glitches. Our drain is broken or something so stuff came out of the shower drain and the drain on the floor {yuck}

IMG_8502 IMG_8503

Back to my room…


The rug is from Ross for $50 and it is so soft! It’s like memory foam and came in handy when we had a mini hall sleepover! The chair is from my room back home an the (so soft) blanket was a graduation gift.

My sheets, comforter ((its reversible)not pictured bc dirty), and throw pillow are all from pottery barn teen. I know what you’re thinking, it’s expensive. It was! But I received $250 in scholarship money to spend on dorm items and this was some of what I spent it on. I also used some of it for the wooden monogram you see from a small shop in my town (Monogram Sew Cute)


The shower curtain for my closet is also from Target


The french memo board I made! The “C” was a gift from my best friend, it has mod lodged pictures of us together! And the wall calendar is BluSky Day Designer! The pencil coup and drawer organizer are both from TJ Maxx, I’m not sure of the brand! The Lilly coasters are another dorm project I made! I use my desk as a vanity as well so that explains all the make up and what not!



I hope you enjoyed my dorm room tour! I’m in the process of creating a gallery wall so stay tuned!


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