The Craziness

Hi guys! So I know I have been MIA lately but college has been kind of overwhelming… in a good way. Since moving in I have met a lot of new people and experienced new things.

I love my roommate and I’ve gotten to meet more people because of her. I went to a country bar/club {I hate country} and actually ended up having a really fun time. I’m still seventeen so I can only go in bars for now. They ended playing normal music that I could dance to and had SO much fun. I’ve gotten used to where most things are on campus which is really good because I was really nervous I wouldn’t be able to find anything. But, I did and it turned out really good.

So far my classes aren’t too difficult. My health class is super easy for sure. Unless it suddenly gets harder (I don’t see it happening) then it is going to be a breeze. It is a hybrid class so I only go to it on Tuesdays then on Thursdays its just an online assignment. I’m also enjoying my english class so hopefully that goes well. I am still on the fence about the others but I will keep you guys posted haha.

This isn’t a good post but just something to keep you guys updated on how crazy and hectic everything has been. I do plan on getting back to posting more regularly but I have some scheduled post along with a couple of guest coming up in the next few weeks. I am working on a dorm room tour and possibly a planner post. I’m not going to do a move-in post as far as what to do but I am going to talk about the experience of it.

Other than that, that is all for now. Stay tuned for more exciting posts in the near future.


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