Dorm Project 3

The topic for this weeks #BloggersBTS is DIY. I have already posted about two projects (French Memo Board & Bed Table) but I decided to make another post about a project I have done awhile back; Lilly Pulitzer Coasters. This project was actually a lot easier than I originally thought it would be. However, I did experience a few hiccups along the way.


Mod Podge

Lilly Pages

Coasters (I bought white tiles from lower)

Paint Brush (I used the sponge-y kind)


Ruler (maybe)

Rubber Circle Things (to keep from scratching table)

I made my coasters using pages from a medium sized agenda so the width didn’t exactly fit the tile so I had to make do, I think they still turned out well. The second batch did turn out better and I gave them away as a graduation gift to my friend.

Here’s how I created the coasters:

 ~ I flipped through the agenda and cut out the pages I liked the most and trimmed the scraggly edges off.

~ Then I placed it over the tile to see where I need to cut and add more to the tile since the width was not big enough. Then I kept the pieces aside for the moment.

~ I painted the coaster with a coat of mod podge and then placed the pages on top of the coaster and smoothed it out.

~ Added 2-3 more coat of mod podge allowing it to dry completely between each coat. (I switched to a new tile to help kill time while waiting to dry.)

~ After the coasters were dry, I added the carpet/rubber things (not sure what they are actually called) to the bottom of the coasters to prevent them from scratching my bed side table or anything else in my dorm. 


… and WALLAH (spell check) this is how I created my Lilly Pultizer coasters. I imagine the process would be easier if I had a large or jumbo Lilly Agenda.

Thank you for reading! Have any of your DIY that I should try out? Leave your link below!


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