What you NEED for your desk!

The topic for this weeks #BloggersBTS are desks! I am still in the process of making mine “Pinterest worthy” however, I thought I would share some desk supplies that I need or want (mostly want.)


My obsession with sticky notes is probably unhealthy but I can not imagine a life without them. I use them for EVERYTHING. They are my go to for bookmarks, leaving a note for my roomie, or adding something in my planner I didn’t have space for or forgot. The uses for sticky notes are endless and they come in SO many shapes, sizes, and colors!


So, someone I follow on my personal Instagram had posted about the PaperMate Flair Pens, they came in a pack of assorted colors. The first thing I thought was that these would be PERFECT for color coding my life in my Lilly Pulitzer agenda.



I am currently on the hunt for the perfect drawer organizer, to separate everything in my drawers. I’ve decided that these are not only a want but a need because I can not live with the drawers being chaos. I love this one found on Pinterest from Good Housekeeping



I have no idea what the proper name of this is called, so if anyone out there knows; feel free to help a girl out. I think that, no matter what style you are going for on your desk these things are important. They can hold all the stuff you don’t actually have a designated place for. At least, that’s what I use mine for. I love this one from pottery barn.



I haven’t done this project yet, but I fully intend to. I am going to paint a mason jar and then throw my pens and pencils in there and call it a day. Cute, cheap, and maybe I’ll share a post on how I do it! I love these from Pura Vida


These are the items that I feel are SO important to have in your desk, if not at least in your pencil pouch! Anything I should add for my own desk? What do you keep on/in your desk? Comment below.


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