See ya later…

Hi guys! So today I leave for the beach and return on Sunday. On Wednesday I move into the best school in North Carolina. #sorrynotsorry #gopirates I have decided that with the exception of my #BloggersBTS post I will only be posting on Fridays from now until I get settled into college and see if I want/need to change my post date! Don’t worry, I have post scheduled one a week up until September 11th! Hopefully, by then I will be settled and have LOTS to share with you!

This post is not only to inform you of that ^ but to share how I feel about leaving for college VERY soon.

I would say that up until two years ago I loved living where I lived, even though there was never anything to do. I loved my friends and a good amount of people here. However, the past two years I have been more than excited to “get the hell out of dodge.” I come from a town where everyone knows everyone, and if you don’t know them, then someone you know does. It’s very rare that you go ANYWHERE (especially Walmart) and don’t run into somebody that you know. Moving from Rocky Mount to Greenville is only about 45 minutes from each other. However, there is SO MUCH MORE to do in g-vegas than in murda mount. Which is what I am really looking forward to, along with making new friends, and having new experiences.

I am looking forward to never having to talk or see some people ever again. I know that may sounds harsh but I am really excited about that, maybe more than I should be. I have to remember that I need to eat vegetables even though they are all gross with the exception of green beans. I can’t drink soda at breakfast, lunch, and dinner nor can I eat out everyday no matter how much I will want to. Call home, attempt to do my laundry regularly, clean up, and learn how to do a lot of things on my own. I’m worried that I will not be able to get my life together and handle all of the material. That it will take me too long to learn how to learn (yes, I said that right) and learn how to study, because I’ve never had to do either. I just had to hear what I needed to hear and then I could do what I needed to do. Nothing, hardly ever required real effort. Which, is why I know college is about to kick my…

I’m excited to see if my relationship will sink or swim with the new college environment and everything that, that entails. How long it will actually take me to get home sick or how long I’m calling someone to bring me home for the weekend. I’m worried about how I am going to get to and from doctor, dentist, etc appts. Which I have a lot of for someone my age, I’ll be sure to share how I end up figuring that one out.

The worst part about leaving for college is the “see ya laters” having to say that to all my friends who I have known since I was in fifth or sixth grade. The thought of not seeing people I’ve seen just about everyday since then is kind of sad. Especially, since at some point we were all inseparable. On Sunday, I say it to my best friend in the whole wide world. I just know that I am going to cry like a big baby. She is going all the way to Charlotte.

I know this post was kind of all over the place but I hope you enjoyed reading.


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