Getting To Know Rhiannon

Today on the blog I will have my first Q&A post! I really like this idea and I’m thinking of expanding this and turning it into a series. I have come up with a few questions to ask one of my favorite bloggers, Rhiannon. I love her blog and if you read it I’m sure you would too! So enjoy getting to know her a little bit better through my questions.
Hi everyone! My name is Rhiannon and I blog over at Peace & Blessings. I started my blog 4 years ago and have been loving the blogging world ever since. I’m almost 23, an 8th grade English teacher, and a strong supporter of women’s rights. I offer a blog consulting service, and am in the process of creating my own line of e-books for influencers, college students, and self employed #girlbosses. To stay up to date on my work, sign up for my newsletter on my blog’s homepage. My blog covers everything ‘lifestyle’ – here are some of my popular posts: My Anxiety Struggles#HowToAdult: grocery shopping6 steps to creating a KILLER newsletter
1. If you had to give one piece of advice to freshman you, what would it be?
Get involved & stay organized. There are so many different things to do at a University – whether it’s Greek Life, an Honor Society, or getting an on campus job. Just get out there and do something, but keep yourself organized and don’t slack!
2. What is/are your favorite show(s) to binge watch?
I’m obsessed with Gossip Girl. I’ve re-watched it so many times. I also love Grey’s Anatomy, The L Word, and Bob’s Burgers.
3. What do you want to be when you grow up and why?
For the longest time my answer to this question was a middle school teacher. That’s what I’m majoring in. I still love education and can’t wait to be in the classroom in the fall – but I’m quickly learning that blogging, marketing, social media, and fashion are some of my passions as well. I think my dream job would be to work from home on my blog & use it as a way to teach and inspire people.
4. What inspired you and the other ladies to come up with blogger buddies?
#BloggerBuddies was inspired by my love for stationary and snail mail. I wanted to create a new community for bloggers that focused on marketing, building relationships between bloggers, and a more personal way to communicate. The goal is to help women around the world create connections, expand their readership, and get some cute mail delivered to their doorstep. 🙂
5. You’ve (fairly) recently started your #HowToAdult series; what’s been the most difficult part about becoming an adult?
The most difficult part about being an adult is budgeting – at least for me. Making sure I have enough grocery money and gas money to make it until the next paycheck is annoying and new to me. I’m working on designing a budget binder that will (hopefully) help with this issue.
6. What are your top three favorite stores to shop at?
I adore H&M, Lush, and Urban Outfitters!

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