New York Trip

Day 1

The drive was about nine hours so the day consisted of sleeping, and lots of it. When we got here we ate dinner and watched The Proposal.

Day 2

Tried a thai & indian restaurant! Spicy!


Day 3

We chilled around the house and then went to the gym and swimming! Then we had yummy shrimp pasta for dinner!

Day 4- The LONG day

We woke up early in the morning and rode with Najah’s mom to work and watched part of Gravity then went to wait for the train (which was late.)

Then we rode the train for an hour and arrived in Harlem with Najah’s very heavy bag. (Stayed the night at her cousins house)

 This was our train!

Once we arrived waited for more people so we could grab our tickets for Apollo ameteur night! Then we went to checkers for lunch and walked around Harlem! Around 6:30 we headed back to the Apollo to wait for the show (first in line!)

 This is me outside the Apollo before the show! I had a red icee which is why my mouth is so red!

Before the show started there was a pre-show which was awesome and fun!

Then the show started and it was fun. People got boo’d but not enough to get kicked off stage. We were in front of really annoying kids who boo’d at EVERYONE. Some of which weren’t even bad. Also, behind these obnoxious older ladies who felt the need to share their commentary with everyone.

After the show we took better pictures outside of the Apollo. They’re kind of dark because of the bright sign but you can tell it’s us for the most part!


We then toured Times Square and stopped in the Disney store!

While wandering we stopped and took pictures on the red steps!


We searched and searched for some souvenir for me to buy and was short on luck until we went to the M&M store! The cup  is for me and the keychain is for Alex.

We then got two slices of pizza and a drink for $2.75 and rode the subway back to her cousins.

This concluded the ver long and exciting day four!

Day 5

Very simple day! Slept terrible (very hot & her cousins cat didn’t help with my allergies) then took a shower and walked over to Dunkin Donuts  and grabbed a croissant. Then came back and watched Law & Order until it was time to catch our train back to her moms house! It was pouring so we rode a taxi which was great because my feet are still sore. Then we arrived at the house and ate dinner. Visited her grandma and got fro yo! Then packed to leave at 9!

Day 6- The last day

Woke up early to shower and get ready to leave for our train. We got stuck in traffic and missed our 11 o’ clock train 😦 then we had to get a ticket for another train that left at 3:15. Then we got on the train and it was freezing cold for the entire 11 hours (supposed to be nine.)

I WILL NEVER EVER EVER ride the train again.

All in all, I had a great time and I’m really glad Najah and her mom let me come!


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