Ballin’ on a Budget

Yay! This week is the first week of #BloggersBTS and the topic is fashion! Which is perfect because now I have a good reason to share in my most recent haul. One of my favorite things to do before school starts is shopping! We always go shopping before school and it helps get me in the mood to go back because I’m excited to wear all my cute new clothes!


J. crew factory! Originally: $75 I paid: $25.49 


Polo Factory Original: $24.50 I paid: $12.00


J. Crew Factory Original: $64.50 I paid: $25.49


J. Crew Factory Original: $75.00 I paid: $8.50


Original: $49.50 I paid: $25.24


Original: $22.50 I paid: $12.50

I used my student id card to get a 15% discount on top of all the sales going on in J. Crew. This is how I get ready to go back to school, how do you?


5 thoughts on “Ballin’ on a Budget

  1. I love shopping at J.Crew factory, especially when there is a good sale. It’s the perfect time to stock up on their classics and pick up something you’ve had your eye on for a while. I also love using my student discount on top of their sales! You found some great items – I have that blue skirt in white and it’s one of my favorites!

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  2. I really wish I had taken more advantage of all the student discounts that are available. I could have saved a lot of money when I was in school!


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