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I’m still in New York and haven’t been able to get a post so Rebecca was kind enough to do a guest post for me! Enjoy!

Think back to the last days of the previous school year, the excitement of it all, the endless smiles and hugs being shared, and if you graduated, tears. Yearbooks and vibrantly colored pens would be passed around as the final minutes of the year ended. In those yearbooks, there were those long messages from your best friends and those less sincere, “H.A.G.S.” messages from those people that were more of your acquaintances (I’m assuming that those are a worldwide thing, but they might just be exclusive to my region). However, there is one idea that consists throughout these yearbook messages, keeping in touch.I’m quite aware that not everyone has graduated and moved onto a new school, but these tips can still be used with friends living far away. I also figured that this would be perfect for Cierra’s blog and the high school to college transition that so many go through. It’s easy to say to someone to keep in touch, but sometimes it can be difficult. However, living in the modern world, (thank you, technology) it’s much easier to keep connected with people that live in different places, from merely a different city to even a different continent.

Use social media, but use it right. This may seem incredibly obvious, but remember that God gave us social media for a reason and not just to promote our blogs! Social media is probably one of the number one best ways for staying in touch with friends. However, the key to keeping connected with social media is not just liking someone’s instagram post or retweeting their tweets every once in a while. Comment on their instagram posts, stalk their tumblr every once in a while (don’t lie, we all do it.) and send snapchat replies back to their silly selfies. Stop relying on snapchat stories to tell someone’s life story and actually send them a message that you haven’t sent to ten other people. Social media can keep people together, but not if you’re broadcasting to your hundreds of followers. You have to have a sense of intimacy between your social media exchanges, don’t give someone an automated reply, but be more personal! Let a conversation spark from that broadcasted selfie instead of just a like.

Create a group chat. I have so many group chats on my phone, I even have one with my best friends from elementary school that is still active to this day. Whenever you see something that reminds you of your friends, maybe an inside joke, send a quick text. Remember that you don’t have to be exchanging messages all the time, just whenever something interesting happens or you just want to reminisce over a memory. The group chat that I previously mentioned is only active about twice a month, but we never fail to remember to wish each other a happy birthday or bring up inside jokes.

Set video chat dates. This is perfect if you’re serious about keeping in touch, especially if you’re trying to juggle a long distance relationship with schoolwork. Video chat dates work with people that you’re not dating, but that’s really the prime way to keep a relationship going. You have to make sure that the person you’re planning to have these continuous video chat dates is serious about doing this and you have to be sure that you’re serious about this as well. The last thing you want to do is flake on each other. To prevent that, you have to set a weekly or a monthly day and time to video chat, say, every Saturday morning at ten, and be sure to always plan your schedule around that fixed video chat date. Getting started with these can be tricky, but once you integrate it into your routine, it works like a charm!

Meet in a talking atmosphere. When you finally have a chance to meet up with someone in person, meet up in a place that can spark a conversation. For example, one time I met up with my friend after she had spent two years in Japan, and we ended up talking over lunch for hours. There’s nothing that can make you feel closer to someone that you’ve been distant from by having some good old fashioned one on one talking. The best places for this are typically coffee shops/cafes, over a meal, and even the park– I’ve had a deep conversation start there once, I promise!

Actually put effort into keeping in touch. It’s easy to assume that you’ll stay in touch with someone because you’re such good friends, but the truth is that it’s not going to happen unless you and the other person each put in a meaty amount of effort into staying connected. Don’t be afraid to call them up every once in a while and ask if you can meet up sometime.

Keeping in touch can be super easy as long as you try. You don’t have to be constantly talking every day in order to stay connected, the best friendships will always persist, because even if it seems like you haven’t talked in ages, you’d be surprised to see how sometimes when you meet again it seems like nothing changed and the distance never even existed. Also be sure to remember that sometimes people get busy, so don’t worry about if the other person seems to be neglecting you, our lives often get complicated but the best thing that you can do is be an anchor or landmark for them, someone that they know that they can always come back to. Want to keep in touch with me and my blog? Visit and let’s get connected! Thanks to the wonderful joy that is the internet, relationships can form with just a click of a button. Let’s keep in touch.


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