Accepting the Liebster Award

First of all, thank you to the wonderful Shreya for nominating me for my FIRST blogger award! This award is to recognize new bloggers (like myself) and welcome them into the wonderful blogging world! The liebster award is an award given to bloggers from other bloggers. Upon receiving this award I now get to answer questions and then nominate other bloggers who I think well deserve this awesome award!


What inspired you to become a blogger?

I needed an outlet to speak about what I wanted to speak about. Also, I really enjoyed reading other blogs and I realized that I wanted to start my own and have my own voice and it has been really exciting.

Why do you blog about what you blog about?

I write about whatever comes to my mind at the moment. Once I start college in the fall I hope to really narrow down on my main blogging subject which will be college related things. More specifically how I end up handling the college transition. stay tuned!

How long have you been blogging?

l have been blogging for about three weeks! Very time consuming and a bit tedious but worth it. 

What is your background?

I was born in Chicago, but raised in the small town of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I have two awesome parents and a sister. Heading off to the best school in the Fall, East Carolina University.

Is blogging your full-time job?

No, it is not but I one day hope to gain some sort of revenue from my blog

What makes you keep blogging?

Every day I receive new followers on my blog’s Instagram or twitter. New comments on blog posts and it always shocks me that people are actually interested in my blog and that drives me to keep going. That along with my own personal desire to see how far this blog takes me.

Dream vacation?

 Caribbean Islands or anywhere where there is a warm, sunny beach.

Biggest inspiration?

My mom. She really makes me mad sometimes but she is someone that I hope to even be a little bit like when I grow up. 

Best & worst blogging decision?

Best: creating a twitter and Instagram for my blog. This has lead to amazing opportunities such as the Blogging College community and the up and coming Blogger Buddies! Both of which I wouldn’t of found without creating a twitter/instagram for my blog. Worst: Still not figuring out how to get a Pinterest hover over blog posts.

Would you ever consider rebranding?

If (I hope to be) I am still blogging when I am older as in (late twenties early thirties) I would consider rebranding considering I wouldn’t be blogging about college or college transitions anymore. 

Check here for my random facts!

I would like to thank all of those who have read at least one of my blog posts and all of my followers! It really means a lot considering that I have not been blogging very long. I hope you continue to keep reading! Now it is my turn to share the love to other bloggers! So here are my nominees, I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I have!

Hannah & Gabby








Nominees, here are the rules and background information to help you with your blog post!


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