Dear bad drivers…

I have terrible road rage, and anyone who knows me or has been in a car with me can testify to that. I get very ill, very fast. So here is my long list of reasons for why I hate bad drivers.

  • GREEN MEANS GO I could not begin to tell you how many times that I have sat behind someone at a light because they are on the phone or in la la land. Now, a few seconds I can understand but I have actually almost missed a light because some idiot wanted to just hang around at a stop light.
  • DON’T CUT ME OFF I hate when cars are way ahead of me and I see them stopped and they can see me coming. They have all the time in the world, and they wait until I’m about 5 seconds away until they decide to pull out.
  • USE YOUR BLINKER They put blinkers in cars for a reason. That reason is NOT for you to wait to turn it on as your turning or not at all. Especially, while you see me waiting for you to pass by so I can turn.
  • GO THE SPEED LIMIT The speed limit means go five over. If it is 55 you can go 60, you’ll be okay. Also, it means GO 55 not 50 or 45 or for you more annoying people 35. Don’t do it or event think about doing it.
  • PARK NORMAL I am by no means the best parker but I at least make sure that I am in the lines. ON the line is not in the lines, double parking is obnoxious so don’t do it.

These are my biggest pet peeves while driving. What are some of yours?


2 thoughts on “Dear bad drivers…

  1. Lol. I hear ya! I also get so annoyed when someone turns on their windshield wipers and it gets all over my clean car. Also can’t stand it when people turn on their blinkers and leave them on. Or worse, turn them on and then turn the opposite direction. [face palm]


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