Dorm Project 2

So for my second dorm project I decided to create a french memo board. I have one in my room now and I love it. So I went to handy dandy Pinterest and got to work.

I went to Walmart for the white fluffy stuff and I got the staple gun from my dads’ job. There were probably easier ways to do this other than a staple gun but that’s what I decided to go with.

Then I used the fabric, from Hobby Lobby and placed it over the fluffy white stuff. I used thumb tacks (also from hobby lobby) to get it to stay down. I used the staple gun as a hammer to jam in the thumb tacks.


When I finished nailing all the sides down

Getting the corners was a difficult task but I did it!

Not pictured but next I lined up the ribbon to the best of my ability and then I nailed them to the back of the canvas. This was also a difficult task. But I did it. Some people use buttons but I went with thumb tacks for this.


This is my final product!

Looking for more DIY ideas so any suggestions on what I should do next are welcomed!


7 thoughts on “Dorm Project 2

  1. What a great DIY! I don’t think I’ve ever even though about making memo board. Yours turned out beautifully! These would make such great gifts for friends! Going to have to “Pin” this so I can find it later when I’m ready to make it!

    Here’s my list of DIY projects:

    Excited to follow along with your blog and blogger buddies!

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