Dorm Project

I leave for college soon so I’ve decided to start working on my dorm room projects. This one isn’t exactly a DIY because I bought it this way. But it’s boring, or at least it was. I bought this side table from bed bath & beyond (click link it’ll take you directly to it.) It hooks to the side of the bed like a table but doesn’t take up space. 


So, since it was boring I decided to paint it. My dorm stuff is hot pink and navy so I wanted to paint this pink. Well, I didn’t have a hot pink so I tried to mix some colors together and it clearly didn’t work. It gave me a really pretty peach-ish but that isn’t what I wanted. IMG_8215

So I went to hobby lobby and got what I thought was the closes to hot pink & then repainted it. (I used several coats)IMG_8218

After I painted it, I let it dry and then I took it outside. I used a clear coat spray paint to make it shiny!
IMG_8219Now I have a bedside table that doesn’t take up any floor space!


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