Call it a Come-Up

I started this blog for several reasons. I initially just wanted to have somewhere I can just talk about whatever and not care that anyone wasn’t listening. As I’ve began to get into the swing of things that has changed. I still wanna talk about whatever comes to my mind that day but I also want to be entertaining for my viewers! But today, I don’t care- I mean I do; but if you like this post great, if not I hope I can make the next one more entertaining for you. So here it goes:

I’m about to be a freshman at East Carolina University. I’ve struggled with insomnia and depression since my freshman year of high school. Now I know you’re thinking this is about to be another teenage girl posting about how she’s depressed- you’re wrong. This is about to be a teenage girl posting about how she overcame it all.

I’m not going to bore you about depression, because we all know what it is and it gets boring hearing someone talk about it all the time. So I’m not going to do that to you. Instead I’m going to bore you about insomnia. Have you ever seen A Nightmare On Elm Street? When they stayed up for as long as they possibly could (in one of them they actually became crazy.) Well, that can happen but it didn’t happen to me. The longest I’ve stayed up is three days straight. If I tried to explain my experience you would be reading all day. For me, I feel wide awake most of the time.  But I stress myself out a lot, not intentionally I just take on too much sometimes and then become overwhelmed. So when I try to go to bed my mind is racing. Clean my room, do homework, write paper, attend this meeting, attending that meeting, doctors appointments, the list goes on and on.

Having depression, insomnia or any other mental illness or any illness for that matter is not easy to deal with. Going off to college makes me kind of worried about not being able to sleep or losing my mind. Both of which are very likely. I have a long way to go from here but I’m a long way from where I’ve been.

Stay tuned on how I handle this in the fall!


2 thoughts on “Call it a Come-Up

  1. Hey, Cierra! Was checking out your blog after you followed me on Twitter. And I wanted to tell you, I love your blog!! Very adorable!! I’m going to be a junior at Gardner-Webb in NC. My freshmen year I went through a really bad depression, which I have talked about some on my blog. It was the hardest time of my life. I ended up transferring back to my home state for my sophomore year, but I’m returning to NC in the fall… Depression isn’t fun. And neither is insomnia. The most I’ve stayed up is 3 days as well…. Best advice I can give you if you start to feel like it’s coming back when you start school, go talk to a school councilor or a friend. That was my mistake. I started taking medication to sleep it off. I never told anyone and just placed a smile on my face. When I return in the fall, I plan to be honest and get help if I ever experience what I experienced before…. Good luck starting your freshmen year! College is amazing and so much fun! 🙂

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