This has been the buzz of social media lately! For those who don’t know, its when people post a video of them with a unibrow, pimples, hair a mess, anything to make themselves what they think is “ugly.” Then they appear as their version of beautiful. Some view this phenomenon as offensive and some view it as purely harmless and humorous.

My opinion is that this should not even be a thing. So what if you have a unibrow or pimples or your hair is a mess. If you feel comfortable with the way you look then who cares. People shouldn’t judge, but lets face it. It happens. So creating a hashtag and these ridiculous videos that follow are pointless. It shouldn’t take a hashtag and stupid videos to tell the world that they shouldn’t be judging others. side note: Make up is not meant to make people beautiful, it is used to enhance it. Make up doesn’t make you beautiful, your personality does.

here are a few links that show what is going on. 

Compilation of people doing the challenge.


This video shares the same view I have on the subject.


Share your opinion with me and comment below!

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.25.21 PM


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